Multi-point optimization of a hydraulic bowl pump

In collaboration with EMS – Mekorot Projects Ltd, NUMFLO performed a multi-point CFD optimization of one stage of a hydraulic bowl pump. The objective was to increase efficiency for high massflow operating range.


Unsteady flow analysis around a helicopter in forward flight

This is a study that was performed as part of a research project done in collaboration with the Walloon Region in Belgium. The objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of CFD calculations of a full helicopter using FINE™/Open software.

Design optimization of a UAV helicopter rotor blade

The objective of this project was to perform a design optimization on the main rotor blade of the UAV helicopter SARAH 4.0 from FLYING-CAM.

Trim optimization of a vessel

The objective of a trim optimization project is to optimize the hydrostatic trim conditions for minimizing fuel consumption of a vessel. To this end, several CFD calculations are launched, for different trims, drafts and speeds.

Rotor-fuselage interactions for the ROBIN helicopter test case

Rotor-fuselage interactions are of main interest for the design of helicopter airframes. The periodic loads can indeed affect the fuselage structure and have an impact on the noise and vibrations levels.

Flow analysis in a double flow ventilation system

The objective of the project was to determine the flow configuration in a heat recovery ventilation system. The geometry included several complex channels, the heat exchanger, the fans and the volutes.

Calculation of the unsteady rotating radial load of a radial inflow turbine

The objective of this CFD study was to compute the amplitude of a rotating load on the rotor blades of a turbine.

Flow analysis in a collector device working at deep sea

This was a study about the analysis of the water flow inside a device dedicated to the extraction of manganese nodules from deep sea. Several designs were computed and compared in order to optimize the suction performance of the device.

Flow analysis in a kitchen hood

The objective of this CFD study was to analyze the air and steam flows inside and around a kitchen induction hood, in order to evaluate its capacity to properly capture all steam and cooking smells generated from a stove, for various flow rates.

Resistance calculations of a ship in a confined space

The study concerned the resistance calculations of a ship for an infinite and for a confined width.